If you use AI to draft, use your instincts to edit

If you use AI to draft, use your instincts to edit

See what happened when I asked ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence chatbot, to write an email opening:


As an HR manager, I’d like you to write a 50-word email opening to convince my boss, the VP of HR of a regional bank, to approve this leadership training despite her fears of poor results due to a lack of follow-up:

Your management team will morph from managers of yesterday’s modes to leaders who inspire, energize and innovate to meet tomorrow’s challenges. Learn to recognize the potential in others and effective coaching techniques to help them realize their goals. Explore processes for driving innovation and delegating to match talent to task. Gain the skills to motivate teams and align organizational objectives with individual development goals to drive breakthrough performance. (from Dale Carnegie)

What ChatGPT wrote

I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to discuss the incredible potential of our management team and how a leadership training program can unlock their abilities to inspire, energize and innovate. By equipping them with effective coaching techniques and processes for driving innovation, we can foster breakthrough innovation.

What should be changed

  • Who would write, “I hope this email finds you well,” to their supervisor?
  • Your boss may be turned off by “incredible potential”—too much hype.
  • It’s too formal and doesn’t address your supervisor’s concern about a lack of follow-up.

While I could’ve asked ChatGPT to revise the draft based on the points above, I took over the editing, using my instincts and inserting relevant information (fabricated). See below.

Final version with the human touch

I get your concerns about follow-up on leadership development so we’ve built in three months of weekly one-on-one sessions and ongoing assessments. This program will help managers become leaders who inspire others and drive innovation—which is critical to the bank’s success. So let’s give it a shot.

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