Build—and sustain—writing skills with our 3-step program

Step 1: Interactive workshop/webinar

Full day

After tailoring a program for your needs, Jack will lead a fast-paced session with challenging writing exercises and will provide real-time feedback. See typical outline.

For up to 15 people

Step 2: One-on-one coaching

3 one-hour sessions

Jack or another SBW coach will meet individually with each employee to help them apply critical skills to frequently written emails/documents—and overcome their toughest obstacles.

Learn about SBW’s coaching process and executive writing coaching program.

Step 3: Video tutorial refreshers

Weekly for 3 to 4 months

In 5 to 10 minutes a week, participants can sharpen the most important writing skills by completing 19 tutorials, each with a 2-minute video and a 3-minute exercise. View the demo.

Once these steps have been completed, we’ll set up a final consult to assess progress and create a plan to ensure continued improvement.

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