Your Business Writing Coach: Jack E. Appleman

Working with Jack, you’ll gain confidence—to tap your natural communication instincts and propel your writing to new heights.

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Business Writing Coach Process

The coaching process

First, you’ll tell Jack all about your writing—strengths, challenges, goals, and the types of emails and documents you want to master. He can also discuss these issues with your supervisor or a colleague familiar with your writing, if desired.

Customized business writing coaching

After analyzing your feedback and writing samples (proprietary information deleted), Jack will tailor a coaching program exclusively for your needs.

During the weekly face-to-face or virtual business writing coaching sessions, Jack will teach you the most important skills to achieve your goals. You’ll apply these skills to short exercises and your on-the-job writing—and see how better outcomes will follow.

Improve your business writing with Coach Jack
Unleash your natural writing abilities

Strategies for ongoing improvement

In the final weekly session, you and Jack will discuss your progress, areas for continued development, and self-study practices—including our series of 19 5-minute writing tutorials.

Check out the video tutorial demo to improve your business writing.

A few months later, Jack can meet with you (and your supervisor or colleague, if desired) to reassess your progress and suggest additional steps, if needed.

Free Highly Touted Book

All coaching students receive a free copy of Jack’s latest book, 10 Steps to Successful Business Writing—2nd edition.

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Video Testimonial

“Working with Jack has helped me transform my writing style completely.”
— Sara D.

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