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Write Better to Drive Better Business Outcomes
Unleash your natural writing abilities

Let Jack unleash your natural writing abilities…

as you master skills such as brevity, organization, tone, persuasion, email efficiency and grammar.

Choose from 19 tutorials…

each comprising Jack’s 2-minute video lesson and a 3-minute exercise.

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Be clear and concise

Break Through Writer’s Block—Write Like You Speak

Get unstuck. Unlock your innate communication instincts.

Be Specific the First Time Around

Skip the generalities and immediately convey the specifics that readers want.

Don’t Waste Sentences on Trivial Details

Combine trivial sentences with other sentences or delete them.

Get organized

Organize Text to Satisfy All Parties

Start with what’s most important, followed by what’s less important and then what’s least important.

Frame Your Message Before Providing Details

First give context and then provide the key facts.

Use Consistent Structure with Bulleted Text

Within a set of bullets, use a parallel structure for continuity and fast comprehension.

Use Subheads for Long Lists of Bulleted Items

Divide bullet points into subcategories to improve readability.

Choose the right tone

Avoid Hidden Insults

Replace condescending words and phrases with supportive messages.

Establish a Productive Tone When Assigning Work

Acknowledge the reader’s support before telling them all that they need to do.

Give grammar your best shot

A Quick Grammar Lesson

Understand the key rules and avoid the most common errors.

Write with style and rhythm

“Verb It”—Transform Weak Nouns Into Strong Verbs

Elevate your style by unleashing the power of active verbs.

Don’t Write All Short Sentences

Combine short, choppy sentences so your text flows.

Balance Your Text

Apply a consistent format and verb structure to ensure smooth, fluid text.

Use Transitions to Create Rhythmic Text

Insert key words and phrases to connect sentences and paragraphs.

Write convincingly

Persuade Readers By Addressing Their WIIFM

Win readers over by answering their What’s in it for me?

Demonstrate That You Value Feedback

Don’t just say that others’ opinions count—show it with language that exudes their perspective.

Master email communication

Write Explicit Subject Lines

Include specific calls to action that get readers to act quicker.

Be Precise to Minimize Back-and-Forth Emails

Say exactly what you want the first time to avoid wasted follow-up messages.

Make Your Emails Mobile-friendly

Optimize size, layout, clickable actions and subject lines for mobile readers.

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