Is lackluster writing stifling your ability to advance to the next level?

Are you having trouble demonstrating your leadership capabilities and convincing others to embrace your ideas?

Break through your toughest obstacles!

Working with Jack, you’ll unleash your innate communication instincts and the power of simplicity to dramatically improve your writing. You’ll learn to tailor emails and documents based on the nuances of your organization and specific readers—supporting your own objectives.

Breaking through your toughest obstacles
Write like a leader

Write like a leader

Your success as a leader hinges on the quality of your communication—especially in writing—with direct reports, supervisors, top management, clients and others. Jack will show you how to craft messages that speak to each reader’s WIIFM (What’s in it for me?), underscoring your leadership effectiveness.

Some things you’ll learn from Jack’s coaching

Write persuasively

Get readers to embrace your ideas.


Motivate direct reports and colleagues to exceed expectations.

Write concisely

Convey professionalism with a concise, straightforward style.

Use supportive tones

Use a supportive tone when writing difficult messages.

How it works


  • In-depth interview to discuss your toughest challenges and goals
  • Review of writing samples to evaluate writing proficiency and to identify specific areas for improvement
  • Development of program, including content, exercises, and instruction, tailored to your needs

One-on-One Sessions

  • Weekly consults, which include skills development and review of completed exercises and on-the-job documents (with proprietary information deleted)
  • Ongoing monitoring of your progress and program modification as needed

Final Progress Report

Written report identifying progress and areas that need further improvement

Available Options (each with weekly 60-minute consults)

8-week program

10-week program

12-week program

All options include a copy of Jack’s book, 10 Steps to Successful Business Writing, 2nd Edition.

Contact Jack to discuss the right program for you.