Writing for CPAs and Finance Professionals (CPE credits)

CPE-credit writing courses

Writing for CPAs and finance professionals

According to experts in the accounting industry, an alarmingly large percentage of CPAs lack writing skills, which stifles personal and organizational productivity. In his CPE-credit writing courses, Jack will show you to how to craft concise and well-organized text—without financial jargon—and achieve better results.

We offer full-day courses for 7 CPE credits and shorter courses for 2 to 6 credits. Contact us to schedule the program right for you.

Potential Learning Outcomes

  • Convey complex financial information so lay people can understand
  • Concisely summarize the relevance of key figures
  • Organize with a logical flow from start to finish
  • Ensure consistency in style

Typical Topics

  • Writing IRS letters
  • Developing new business proposals
  • Writing financial statements
  • Writing 10-Q reports