Writing Coaching

One-on-one writing coaching

Through private writing coaching sessions with Jack, you can break through your most difficult obstacles and significantly improve your writing—to achieve better results.


Needs assessment and program development

  • In-depth interview to discuss your goals and toughest challenges
  • Review of writing samples to assess proficiency and to identify areas for improvement
  • Development of customized writing coaching program, including exercises and instruction

One-on-One Sessions

  • Weekly phone consults, which include skills development and review of completed exercises and on-the-job documents (with proprietary information deleted)
  • Ongoing monitoring of your progress and program modification as needed

Final progress report

Written report identifying progress and areas needing further improvement

Options (each with weekly 45-minute consults)

  • 12-week program
  • 10-week program
  • 8-week program

All options include a copy of Jack’s book, 10 Steps to Successful Business Writing.

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