Steps to Successful Business Writing

Programs that empower employees to achieve better results from their writing

High cost of bad writing

Billions of dollars in lost productivity can be traced to poor writing, according to the Los Angeles Business Journal. Whether it’s unprofessional emails to clients, condescending directives to subordinates or confusing internal communications, organizations pay the price when employees don’t write well.

Tailored solutions for measurable outcomes

Jack Appleman, principal of Successful Business Writing and author of the top-selling book, 10 Steps to Successful Business Writing, brings innovative course design and engaging teaching methods that unleash a person’s ability to write effectively. Jack will tailor a writing training program so it produces measurable improvements in employees’ writing proficiency while enhancing individual and organizational productivity.


SBW’s writing training program can be designed to seamlessly fit into your existing onboarding process—to ensure that new hires write better, master frequently written emails/documents, adhere to the company’s structure and format, and sustain these skills over the long term.

Executive and managers

SBW can tailor programs for executives and those newly promoted to managerial roles so they understand the writing standards required. They’ll also learn to deliver messages that exude confidence in their leadership abilities, inspire others to excellence, promote an environment that values feedback, and achieve other objectives.

Learning delivery options

  • Interactive workshops/webinars

Jack will facilitate an engaging live workshop or webinar that will enable professionals at all levels to write concise, explicit, compelling and well-organized text. Participants will apply critical writing skills as Jack leads them through a series of challenging individual and team exercises.

  • Self-study modules

To reinforce the techniques learned in the group sessions, employees will complete brief self-study units on topics suited to your organization’s requirements.

  • One-on-one coaching

Individuals can break through their toughest writing challenges through private phone coaching where they apply key skills to their frequently written emails/documents. Each will get a series of 60-minute sessions and then receive a brief progress report including areas for continued improvement.

  • Mobile tutorials

As needed, individuals can immediately access a series of one- to two-minute mobile lessons for common scenarios such as conveying bad news tactfully, motivating subordinates to action, and organizing messages to multiple audiences.

  • Templates/style guides

SBW can develop templates for frequently written documents along with customized styles guides to help ensure structure and format throughout the organization.

  • Follow-up sessions

To ensure that the writing techniques learned are being consistently applied, Jack can facilitate live or online small-group sessions where employees share successes and challenges.


Sample content

Be explicit and concise | Upgrade grammar and style | Organize to promote understanding

“Tone” into your readers | Master emails and mobile messages | Write like a leader


Lead instructor: Jack E. Appleman, CBC

 Jack Appleman, author of the top-selling 10 Steps to Successful Business Writing, (2008, ATD Press), teaches individuals to write more productively through workshops, webinars and one-on-one coaching sessions. His programs for organizations including HBO, Johnson & Johnson, the Interpublic Group and the U.S. Olympic Committee have consistently earned outstanding evaluations.

In 2015, Jack received the Charles T. Morgan Award for lifetime excellence in corporate training from the Northern New Jersey chapter of the Association for Talent Development, for which he served as president. Read full bio.